W7WRG 220 MHz and UHF Install Western Washington Radio Group June 29, 2015 09:12 6 Comments

Thursday June 25, we installed w7wrg repeaters, 224.58 (103.5) and 441.950 (131.8) repeaters on Buck mountain just slightly northwest of Seattle in the Olympic mountains at approximately 3,800 feet. These repeaters are using an external Arcom RC210 controller with a Kenwood tm-271a 2m remote base and a Reecom weather radio interfaced to the system.

 W7WRG BridgeCom 220 MHz and UHF Repeater Install

Initial reports are "good audio" excellent sensitivity and so forth. Yes, the repeaters are driving Henry amplifiers for their respective bands. Heavy usage since installation from both mobiles and hams with hand held radios up and down western Washington State. In addition, another station on Thursday afternoon checked in from Orcas Island out in the San Juan chain of islands to congratulate the group of guys doing the installation.

We are already considering my next 220 BridgeCom repeater purchase and we want to thank Ron for his assistance in providing some small changes to the firmware accommodating the amateur community. These features incorporated better control over the encoder and decoders by the Arcom RC210 three port controller. 73 and thanks for a great product!

Brian, k5in trustee for the w7wrg Western Washington Radio Group

Arcom RC210 to BridgeCom BCR repeater cable connection diagram