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⚡ FLASH SALE! ⚡ Save $80 on the MURS Two-Pack This Week ONLY! (4/22 - 4/26)

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Technical Support

Meet our Technical Support Team:


Gerald Happy

LMR Technical Manager


Duane Reese, N6DMR

AnyTone Technical Support Expert 

"My radio adventures began more than 40 years ago.  I began my radio interest as a original citizens band operator and kept climbing the license ladder until I reached Amateur Extra class.  I retired early after two careers, the first leading various Defense and Consumer related electronics companies and a second career of 22 years with the USAF. Much of my military duty was as a part time reservist however,  including serving as the Liason Officer to the Pennsylvania Civil Air Patrol for close to 7 years.  We began full time traveling in our 40ft motor home in 2010.  Being mobile limits me to portable operation as far as antennas go. My main mobile station is a Flexradio Signature Series 6500 mounted out of the way under the dinette seat in my coach.

Pennsylvania is currently our home base but we do try to be someplace warmer or cooler depending on the season. Good spots to catch up with us, Santa Rosa, CA, Jacksonville, FL, Key West, FL, and any roaming agenda we happen to be on.

I operate mostly HF on 10M, 20m, 40m and 80m with Available antennas and have began the Digital Mobile Radio experience with much satisfaction."



Tom VanEyck


"I'm an entrepreneur and lifelong learner, who enjoys challenges and loves to design and build. I pursue accuracy and quality in all that I do. I'm a Radio Technician here at BridgeCom Systems. I became a HAM enthusiast following my Dad's worldwide radio travels. I apprenticed with my Dad in electronics and I've extended my career thru self employment in the Information field as well as Residential and Light Commercial Electrical and Construction. I am a certified firearms instructor and an avid roller-skater and I spend as much time as I can when not working, with my wife and sons.

As a Technician at BridgeCom I bring my experiences to building our team, processes and the best products. As well, I seek to become a world communicating HAM operator myself!"



Lucas Burns


"Hello, my name is Lucas and I've always had a strong interest in electronics and computers. I'm recently CompTIA A+ certified and also currently working on my A.A.S. Degree in Engineering Technology at MCCKC.

In my free time, I enjoy building projects and doing experiments with Raspberry Pi/Arduino/PIC microcontrollers."



Nick Brown


"I've been with BridgeCom since February of 2021 and am happy to work for a company that I can be proud of. I enjoy finding creative solutions to complex problems, and there is plenty of opportunity for that in the tech department. Before BridgeCom I worked as a professional coffee sourcer and roaster, a coffee repair tech, and a freelance jazz musician. Outside of work I enjoy building gaming computers, hiking, cheering for the Chiefs, Equine athletics, and fine art museums."




Eric Zellar


"Hi! My name is Eric, and I am a member of the sales team here at BridgeCom Systems. I strive to help our customers find the perfect product. I do my best to answer questions and if I don’t know the answer I’ll go searching for one. My goal is for all of our customers to leave with a smile on their face!

In my free time I love to make videos. One of my passions is to make an experience through the use of creative video storytelling. Beyond that I enjoy listening to music with one of my favorite genres being electronic music. I also like spending time with my family and have 4 brothers and 3 sisters."



Chris Birch


"I am mostly self taught, but I am an avid DIY enthusiast. I am currently studying to receive my Technicians license, and in my spare time I have been learning both 3d printing and playing with r-pi's. I enjoy table-top games with my friends, SFX-design, and hiking with my dog, Hades. I have a degree in Culinary Arts from Le' Cordon Bleu and enjoy recipe development and molecular gastronomy as a hobby these days, sometimes submitting recipes I've written to local newspapers. I am excited to work for a company that shows such strong drive towards helping the customers understand the amazing ability's of the great series of products they promote. I look forward to being part of such a strong and positive team, and I'm excited to help them grow."