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AnyTone AT-D878UV FAQ

Q: I just received my radio and tried to load a codeplug I was given and I get "Band Error". How do I fix it?

A: All the new radios are coming in "MODE 0010" which is ham band tx only. This makes it so the keyboards do NOT have to be locked as soon as you receive them. The ones we have seen until recenly came over in "MODE 0000", which allowed 136-174 and 400-480 rx and tx. But by FCC rules they had to start being locked so non Ham customers had to have a two way shop program them, and general users could not make changes to the programming. The bad side is a MODE 0010 radio will not take a MODE 0000 codeplug. SO do the following to fix it:

1) turn off the radio, and turn back on while holding the PTT and Number 1 key on the Keypad (NOT the P1 button). 

2) when the screen says "TEST MODE" release the buttons and then the screen will show "MODE 0010". Rotate the Channel Knob counter clockwise to set it to "MODE 0000".

3) reboot and you are done!

 Q: I have an 878 which does not give me the option of VFO, or DigiMoni, or any other amateur functions- HELP!!!

A: Read the radio, go to optional setting---other and select Amateur Mode here:


Q: I have an 868, can I put THAT codeplug into the 878?

A: Yes, there will be different options you need to verify before loading but the core codeplug will drop right in.

Q: What is this "roaming" feature?

A: Roaming is a holdover from commercial systems. It requires MULTIPLE repeaters  and the repeater MUST have beacon enabled where the repeater sends a signal for reference on the mobile unit to judge whether or not to switch to the new system. How it works is lets say you are on a local repeater which we will call repeater 1. That has Talk Group A in static operation. You are traveling on the fringe of repeater 1. As you continue to travel, you will eventually lose coverage from that repeater. 

Lets add a second repeater, and call it repeater 2. That repeater also has Talk Group A in static operation. It is just outside of repeater 1's coverage area, but in the travel direction you are going. Theoretically, when you travel outside the coverage of repeater 1, you would "roam" automatically to the same conversation on repeater 2. A roaming list is like a scan list where it searches for a repeater/talk group combination and picks the strongest based on RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indication) level. Then it will move your radio to that repeater. BUT remember- for this to work you need multiple repeaters. and similar setups between the 2 systems.

 Q: Can the 878 RECEIVE APRS data?

A: No, not at this time (Jan 2019)- it can only transmit analog APRS data (and Digital also)