AnyTone AT-D868UV FAQ

Q: HELP!! I updated my radio and now the keyboard is locked!!!

A: ALL new radios will have this as factory default. Somewhere along the process of releasing new firmware, AnyTone had it where it was automatically locked upon finishing the update. There are 2 things you need to do to fix this so it does not happen again:

1) Tap the green button then the * to unlock the keyboard.

2) Read the radio with you computer- then change the settings below:


The latest shipment with Version 2.33 are locked on the keypad from the factory. You MUST read the radio to unlock the keypad. Here is where it is located in the CPS...



Q: What are the band limits of the 868UV?

A: VHF is 136-174 MHz, UHF is 400-480 MHz.

Q: What are the Transmit Power Levels of the 868?

A: VHF 7W (Turbo), 5W (High), 2.5W (Medium), and 1W (Low)

    UHF 6W (Turbo), 5W (High), 2.5W (Medium), 1w(Low)

Q: What are do the display icons mean?



Q: What does the GPS do on the 868? Will it do APRS?

A: The GPS does 2 functions in DMR.

1)  it can show heading and distance to ANOTHER 868 when both have the "Ranging" mode enabled.

2) It is SUPPOSED to be able to take a GPS stream and place it on web page. BUT at this time, when going through a Motorola Repeater to Brandmesiter, it is not working (Sept 28, 2018). We have personally verified this with the admins at Brandmeister.  Hotspots (ZUMSpot, DVMega, Shark) and MMDVM based systems work fine to

No, the 868 will not do conventional APRS at this time (September 28, 2018).

Q: Does the 868 have a "promiscuous" mode?

A: Yes but it is called "Digital Monitor". When you assign a button on the radio to this function, one push will do "Single Slot" monitor. What this means is it will hear ALL traffic on THAT time slot you are programmed on. 

A Second push of the button will place it in "Dual Slot" mode. and this will hear ALL traffic on BOTH times slots on a repeater. A third push of the button will turn this function off. When it is on, you will have a RED speaker at the top of the display with either one or two curved lines next to it, depending if you are in Single Slot, or Double Slot mode.

 Q: Can the 868 do "Dual Watch", since it shows 2 bands on the display?

A: No. It does not have the required two receiver circuitry required for Dual Watch. It WILL move from main band to the sub band on activity, but that requires the main band to be not active.

Q: I have an existing DMR radio. Can I move the programming into the 868, or will I have to enter them all in by hand?

A: YES. you can import your programming (codeplug) from MOST radios (Motorola and Hytera excluded), using NØGSG Contact Manager. Tom's program can be found here:

NØGSG Contact Manager

 Q: My radio beeps every time someone stops talking. How do I turn it off?

A:Go into the CPS and under Optional Setting-> Alert Tones you will find this window:

Set the "Idle Channel" tone to Off. 

Q: Can I change the DMR Number from the keypad?

A: Yes, under Menu, Settings, Channel Settings you can add or modify an existing ID from the keypad.

 Q: Can I change the TX beep to one like Tytera, Connect Systems, or Motorola?

A: Yes, under Optional Settings-> Alert Tones, you will find a window like this on the lower left, and these are the tones I use for Motorola/Tytera sounds: