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Donnie Dixon
Love it

I have received my Anytone 878uv2 plus. This is an amazing little ht. Within 30 min of receiving it I had the APRS function and local repeaters and local simplex freqs in and working. After a few videos from the online course I also had my local dmr tower connected and made my first dmr contact. So for me, a non computer person had everything working within about 2 hrs. I love this little radio. The online course is amazing and very helpful. So if I can make my first code plug...that works in a 2 hr time span ...ANYONE should be able to do it. I will be buying another one of these as 1 is none and also looking at the mobile unit. I will be most definitely recommending this ht and BridgeComm systems..

Bradd Davidson
Simplify and Organize

The training course is imperative. The world of digital communications is a complex beast and the training courses provide a path to simplify and organize the process towards getting on the air.

Eric Williams

AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus with $97 Training Course FREE!

Peter Moscatt
Training Course

The course so far is excellent. I am only 5% into it at this stage, but as I move into deeper waters, I am finding it handy.

VK2MPR Australia
Very Happy

There are a lot of cheaper Chinese DMR radios available, but they lead to heartbreak and frustration. The Anytone line come with excellent software which works reliably, and the cables and drivers connect flawlessly every time. The Bridgecom videos are very well made, and get you over the hump of starting out in DMR with the least pain. If you are a Ham who wants to get into DMR, this is the way to go!

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