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🌞 Soak Up the Sun with Weekly Summer Deals Starting July 9th! >> 🌞

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You Don't Need an Expensive Computer to get on DMR

You Don't Need an Expensive Computer to get on DMR

It is often said you need a supercomputer in order to use a DMR radio, but this isn't true.

We're going to prove it.

Today, we're going to walk you through the basic essentials you need to use a DMR radio.

You don't have to wait to get started in DMR, watch this video, and start your DMR journey today!

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andreas Panageas - December 2, 2020

can I communicate on the 20 meter band with the 878 radio and what is the price

RICHARD JOHNSON - December 2, 2020


Mark Wheeler - December 2, 2020

This video needs to show how to read to radio the code plug and also how to input an analog repeater channel.

John Pinker N1PKL - December 2, 2020

I have a handheld 878 and 2-578’s I absolutely love them. One of the 578’s has been mounted in my truck, and It looks so professional. SOLID. Easy to program. But I don’t think it would matter what brand you folks sold because I know it’s the support you folks provide. Its the people behind the Company that make the difference. I also have a Skybridge Hotspot also and its great. I want to thank you folks so much for your Videos and support. You Folks can give me out as a reference any time. P.S. I would like one of them Button up shirts with bridgecom logos and a few more decals to put on my Vehicle’s. Got to fig your out how to mount a anytone on my Motorcycle now. 73 best to all, Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in business. I need you folks.

Charlie - December 2, 2020

If you would sell a package like this you sell more radios and get more people into dmr.

Juan Moreno - December 2, 2020

Quisiera saber si ustedes me pueden vender radios ya programados y que tengan, largo alcanse y el precio por unidad

Dave Horton - December 2, 2020

Great video.
Hi there does you sky bridge have 2 channels what i like to do here in the UK is put the Brandmaster on one channel and phenix on the other channel so i can switch between them.
Or may be using the 578uv have one on vfo A and the other on vfo B.
Also please how much is the Skybridge nad hoq much to ship to the uk Please include a total
Many Tnxs ro you all there 73 Dave.

Randy - December 2, 2020

Does this work with Linux?

jim hartwell - December 2, 2020

how do you program the d578 on analog
tnx jim k7UDG

Dug - December 2, 2020

Very timely, I am sitting here with a D868UV that needs programming, contemplating putting in everything by hand.

But you lost me at “$100 computer from Amazon.” I already have plenty of computers, Macs and Linux. What is so hard about porting your programming software to something besides Windows???

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