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Our Cyber Monday Sale is now LIVE. Shop Our BEST Deals of the year, now until November 29th!
You Don't Need an Expensive Computer to get on DMR

You Don't Need an Expensive Computer to get on DMR

It is often said you need a supercomputer in order to use a DMR radio, but this isn't true.

We're going to prove it.

Today, we're going to walk you through the basic essentials you need to use a DMR radio.

You don't have to wait to get started in DMR, watch this video, and start your DMR journey today!

Learn More about the AnyTone 878 Plus >

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andreas Panageas - December 2, 2020

can I communicate on the 20 meter band with the 878 radio and what is the price

RICHARD JOHNSON - December 2, 2020


Mark Wheeler - December 2, 2020

This video needs to show how to read to radio the code plug and also how to input an analog repeater channel.

John Pinker N1PKL - December 2, 2020

I have a handheld 878 and 2-578’s I absolutely love them. One of the 578’s has been mounted in my truck, and It looks so professional. SOLID. Easy to program. But I don’t think it would matter what brand you folks sold because I know it’s the support you folks provide. Its the people behind the Company that make the difference. I also have a Skybridge Hotspot also and its great. I want to thank you folks so much for your Videos and support. You Folks can give me out as a reference any time. P.S. I would like one of them Button up shirts with bridgecom logos and a few more decals to put on my Vehicle’s. Got to fig your out how to mount a anytone on my Motorcycle now. 73 best to all, Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in business. I need you folks.

Charlie - December 2, 2020

If you would sell a package like this you sell more radios and get more people into dmr.

Juan Moreno - December 2, 2020

Quisiera saber si ustedes me pueden vender radios ya programados y que tengan, largo alcanse y el precio por unidad

Dave Horton - December 2, 2020

Great video.
Hi there does you sky bridge have 2 channels what i like to do here in the UK is put the Brandmaster on one channel and phenix on the other channel so i can switch between them.
Or may be using the 578uv have one on vfo A and the other on vfo B.
Also please how much is the Skybridge nad hoq much to ship to the uk Please include a total
Many Tnxs ro you all there 73 Dave.

Randy - December 2, 2020

Does this work with Linux?

jim hartwell - December 2, 2020

how do you program the d578 on analog
tnx jim k7UDG

Dug - December 2, 2020

Very timely, I am sitting here with a D868UV that needs programming, contemplating putting in everything by hand.

But you lost me at “$100 computer from Amazon.” I already have plenty of computers, Macs and Linux. What is so hard about porting your programming software to something besides Windows???

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