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Why Choose the SkyBridge Dual-Band Digital Hotspot

Why Choose the SkyBridge Dual-Band Digital Hotspot

Compatibility is never an issue with the SkyBridge digital hotspot. The SkyBridge is compatible with DMR, D-star, Yaesu System Fusion(YSF), P-25, and NXDN radios. So even if you don’t have a DMR radio; this hotspot is still a great option for you.

The standout benefit of the SkyBridge hotspot is its crossmode capabilities. So to give you an example: if you have buddies who are using a different radio like a Yaesu Fusion radio and you have an AnyTone DMR--you can still QSO with them. That’s right, this hotspot supports (DMR to NXDN), (NXDN to DMR), (DMR to YSF), (YSF to DMR), (YSF to NXDN), and (NXDN to YSF). Instead of being restricted to only DMR. The SkyBridge is compatible with multiple digital radio modes.

If you want to have total freedom in digital radio then the SkyBridge Digital Dual-Band Hotspot is right for you.

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Jim Carroll - October 9, 2020

I spent much of the day trying to get an MMDVM hotspot fired up. Finally got it on my wlan, but that’s about it. And that will give me DMR. IF I can figure out how to enter even one frequency into the digital radio I got for this purpose along.

I sure hope the installation and initialization process works better with this thing. I live in an RF desert, and if I don’t get at least DMR working, it’s going to be a long winter.

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