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What is the Difference Between AnyTone 868 and 878 PLUS Bluetooth?

What is the Difference Between AnyTone 868 and 878 PLUS Bluetooth?

Bill Carter asks, "What is the difference between the AnyTone 868 and 878 and what would the benefit be if you got an 878?" Well the main differences between the AnyTone 868 and the latest model, the AnyTone 878PLUS, is the AnyTone 878PLUS is going to one, have Bluetooth capability, it is going to have analog APRS transmit and it will have roaming capabilities. Those are the three main features that the AnyTone 878PLUS has over the 868. So that's what you would gain. Bluetooth is fairly self-explanatory. You can connect your radio to Bluetooth audio devices. Roaming, some people know what roaming is, it is a commercial feature that has been brought to the amateur world. It's basically where your radio will automatically connect to the strongest repeaters if you're traveling around a city in your car. Then analog APRS is where your radio pings out over GPS your location for an emergency situation where you need to be tracked for some reason. So if you'd like to learn more about the AnyTone 878PLUS or the 868, please check the link from the description below. Thanks guys, seven-three.

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