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What is Roaming & How Do I Access It

What is Roaming & How Do I Access It?

What exactly is roaming used for and how can you access it on your 878? Cody walks you though what the roaming function can do for you, as well as where you can find it on your radio. This could be a feature you use frequently once you figure out it's power..

Watch the short video below to get the explanation. Scroll down further for the complete text transcript. 

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Cody: "Okay here we go. Ed says, explain roaming and how to use it. Yeah, it's a great question. Basically, how the roaming feature works on these radios, is you will import your repeaters, let's say you were going on the trip, you'd add all those repeaters beforehand that are going to be in in your range, and then turn on roaming. You'll actually make a roaming list, and then the radio will automatically actually switch on those repeaters based on your connectivity.

"So if you have connection with one, and then you're you're fading out of connectivity but there's another one that's better connection, it'll actually switch over to it. It's really cool feature if you travel a lot and have a lot of repeaters programmed in your radio it works great. You just have to do the setup beforehand to make it work correctly. In the cps we can quickly just demo where you would find that information.

"Let's see here. So if we go to roaming, so there's your roaming channel and your roaming zone. I can create a new one here, you can set some information frequency, you can set all that up. We can cover, it's a little bit more in-depth, we can cover that in another video, but that's, that is the basic operation of roaming and kind of how you would go about getting started with it."
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