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What is a duplexer and how do you tune one?

What is a duplexer and how do you tune one?

I've tuned a lot of duplexers over the years. Since we install duplexers in our repeaters and sell duplexers as part of our system packages, I often get asked about them. How do they work? What are they used for? And how are duplexers tuned? To answer these questions, W2AEW, just put out a great video where he answers these questions and more. If you're interested, I encourage you to watch this video.

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Abiy - June 29, 2020

Do you have experience duplexer tune with Aeroflex 8800s digital radio test set tool?
Is there a difference between the spectrum analyzer and the tracking generator for the duplexer tune?

richard - June 29, 2020

I have a duplexer that was tune 467.6750 462.6750 it was to be on 462.550 467.550 how hard would it be to put on 462.550 and 467.550 it cant be that fare off what can I do to use it .?

Thompson Olorede - September 18, 2019

Great work, thanks for the video

Mark A Lacy - November 17, 2017

You might want to note in your video that when using a notch cavity duplexers you can’t use receiver preamps.
Like the Ar2 communications series preamps. The GaAsFET preamps are excellent devices, you just can’t use them with notch duplexes.

I’m glad you explain the difference between duplexers and diplexer. This drives me nuts when people (and even the manufacture) get it wrong.
TXRX makes (in my opinion) the best duplexers ….period! They are BpBr.
As a retired Motorola Sr. Field technician of 25 years I’ve tuned/worked on one or two duplexers!

Mark A. Lacy. W5TXR
PG 00043435

Robert Thomas - November 10, 2017

The duplexes training video was very good. My radio club has a dual stage duplexer in each direction, a total of four cans. Consider doing a training video on this type of setup in the future. Very good job.

Michal Smialowski - November 7, 2017

Good video…. look forward to the video on tuning BP-BR duplexers.

Ed McKinney - KB8QEU - November 7, 2017

Thw words spoken in the video needs to be also, in print!

Mike, please do so for the creation of a printed books by the end user.

Thank you

Marden - November 7, 2017

Good job. Rookies like me with ojt experience appreciate your video.
A duplexer tuning makes or brakes a repeater with respect to reception.

Marden WM1P

Juan - November 7, 2017

Wath is the difference on the duplexer you show on the video and the big duplexer ?
I have reapeter 442.075 40 watts , heliax coax 1/2 with duplexer like you show on video
My antena is 100 ft h.

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