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The Start of the Summer Ham Radio Giveaway Winner Announcement

The Start of the Summer Ham Radio Giveaway Winner Announcement

 Didn't win? That's okay! Click the link below to shop our best selling DMR radios.

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Larry Ward - September 2, 2021

Just want to say CONGRATS !! to Jim Price AG5WY.
I will just have to try for the next one, hi hi.

Best regards,

Larry W7GST

Laura Rosenthal - September 2, 2021

Instead of one big winner, how about 5 smaller winner may win the 878UV2 plus.

Ricky Barton - September 2, 2021


Ken Pryor - September 2, 2021

Thanks for these contests. I enjoy them. I like to see the new equipment that is coming out all the time.

Reynaldo Valdez - September 2, 2021

I am a ham operator. All my radios were lost during the Sandy here in Long Island. I can’t afford to buy equipments now. Is there somebody who can spare me any old radio that I can use?

Roger Weaver - September 2, 2021

Thanks in doing what you do to promote the best hobby in the world, Amateur “HAM” Radio.
Best 73s

Frank Wilson McLaughlin - September 2, 2021

Thanks for all you doing regarding the Amateur radio Group.

Edward McKenzie (KO4FVD) - September 2, 2021

I’m having a slow time learning DMR, but with all of you help I will get it. Thanks for all the help! I want help and have fun. 73

Michael Fisher - September 2, 2021

I’m looking for something that I can work the satellite’s with. 2m and 70cm in sat mode or split mode.

Jim Boswell - September 2, 2021

Neat contest, good presentation. 73’S de KA5SIW

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