Listening to Your Local FM Station Through Your AnyTone 878

Listening to Your Local FM Station Through Your AnyTone 878

The AnyTone 878UVII Plus is one of the best HTs on the market today. It's versatility and reliability have provided dependable communication for thousands of hams as well as thousands of those using them in the field. With built-in GPS, Bluetooth capabilities, and a 500K contact list capacity, there's not a lot of things this radio can't do. Another bullet you can add to this list, is the ability to listen to your local FM station through your 878. Maybe your son or grandson is playing in the big football game this Friday night but you can't make it to the stadium. Maybe you want to check the local weather before deciding to go out. No matter the reason, there are hundreds of cases where the ability to listen to local FM will make your life easier, and add another skill to your ham radio arsenal.

Watch the video below, and you will be listening to you local station before you know it.

Don't have an 878UVII Plus? Grab one today so you can listen local.

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