IRLP is easy with a BridgeCom February 17, 2017 09:52

We were recently called by Earl, KJ6DQR from the Desert RATS (Radio Amateur Transmission Society), K6VE. They needed their antiquated 220 repeater and IRLP node running on an old Amiga computer replaced. Having recently installed a new BCR-50V 2m repeater, they chose to replace their aging system with a new Bridgecom Systems BCR-220 and a PiIRLP node.

We built a custom cable to connect the BCR-220 repeater to the PiIRLP's DSUB9 connector. Then we set their IRLP login credentials, adjusted the repeater's local audio and TX power. To complete the install, we adjusted audio levels to and from the IRLP network and tested the system through various IRLP reflectors. We even managed a few QSO's along the way. The system sounded great.

Here's a quick video demonstration. Thanks Ron for showing off the new BCR-220 IRLP Pi node system! This will turn any BCR Repeater into an IRLP Pi node. If you would like your own system contact us.