How to Use Continuous Wave (CW) Mode on the Xiegu G90

How to Use Continuous Wave (CW) Mode on the Xiegu G90

Do you want to use continuous wave or CW mode on your Xiegu G90?

For most Hams, trying to figure out CW mode can be difficult, especially for beginners. It can be quite challenging to understand where the keyer speed, ratio, auto modes, and paddle setup are on the hand mic, and even more troubling is trying to figure out how to work them properly. So today, we’re going to walk you through how to use your Xiegu G90 radio for CW mode.

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Adam Lee - August 27, 2021

Nice guy but horrible presentation rife with mistakes a CWer will pick up on. Continuous wave not constant wave, dit and dah not dot and dash, left and right are not for different types of paddles but which side the dit and dah will be on for right or left hand or basic preference, sent cq with no intention of responding to a response, speed is for paddles only not for expected receive. Good lord

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