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How to update the firmware to your AnyTone 578 Mobile

How to update the firmware to your AnyTone 578 Mobile

Sebastian (KBØTTL) makes updating your AnyTone 578 Mobile quick and easy with this simple how-to tutorial video.

If you need more support or are trying to find the firmware update, just click here to visit the 578 support page -


Hi this is Sebastian, KBØTTL. Today I'm gonna be showing you how to do a firmware update on the new 578 Mobile from AnyTone. All right, so we're gonna do a couple of things here to get this in download mode. We're gonna push the MENU and EXIT keys in simultaneously and hold them. Then we're gonna push the power button. We're gonna wait for the radio to power down. Then in a few seconds we're gonna go ahead and release that power button while we still are holding the Menu key and Exit key in. You see it starts flashing. Now release the Menu and Exit key.

And now you're ready to go ahead and update your firmware. Today we're gonna be updating the firmware on our 578 Mobile, and to do this we're gonna go to Tool. We're gonna go to Firmware Upgrade. We're gonna go ahead here and launch QX Firmware Update. With the radio safely in firmware update mode, we're gonna go ahead and open the update file. The update file is going to be located within the folder that you created when you unzipped your software for your 578. In the firmware folder we're looking for 578UV version 1.05 where I believe 1.06 is out here as well now. Then the number and then .SPI, so the file names will change from version to version; however, the process is actually going to be the same. Select the SPI file and open. With your COM port connector clearly installed in the side of your radio and your USB port cable firmly connected to your PC... We're reading here that it is actually plugged into COM6. This COM port can be different on your computer. We're gonna go ahead and write the changes to the radio, and the radio is now having its firmware updated to version 1.05. Great, now that the firmware has been updated go ahead and do a factory reset.

The next we're gonna show is the MCU reboot, which you're gonna have to do right after you update your firmware. With the power off on the radio, you're going to hold the channel selector button down, press the P2 button simultaneously, and turn the radio on. So here I'm gonna show we're gonna hold these down simultaneously and we're gonna go ahead and power the radio on. It's gonna ask if you wanna initialize the radio, we're gonna hit Menu to confirm that. You'll see that the radio is in calibration. That it has Calibrate Dates mode here, you can hit Menu to confirm and it will take you to the main menu. So if you confirm and Menu and the radio will boot as normal. Once your radio initializes simply write your code plug back to your radio. (radio beeping) Once your code plug's written back to your radio you'll be all set to go. This concludes our video on updating firmware for the 578 Mobile. I hope you enjoyed the video and have a wonderful day. Thank you for watching and again, this is Sebastian, KBØTTL.

And if you are interested in trying out an AnyTone 578 Mobile yourself, you can learn more about the radio here -

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Richard Schurman - April 15, 2022

This reset video was a life saver. One day my anytone 578. Went into boot up mode band wouldn’t do anything. After finally finding this video it was so simple to get it back working again better than before. Thanks

Ed Strange VE2MPP - September 2, 2021

It seems to me a very important step was missed from what I can tell. BEFORE putting the radio in to programming mode you need to have the cps up and running and click on firmware upgrade. Correct me if I am wrong. Also when you hit firmware upgrade nothing shows up until you have put the radio in to programming mode. Again correct me if this is not the right procedure.

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