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How to Set Up Your SkyBridge with Your Phone's Personal Hotspot

How to Set Up Your SkyBridge with Your Phone's Personal Hotspot

It can sometimes be tricky setting up your SkyBridge hotspot’s wifi without a wired connection. So today we’re going to walk you through how to set up your SkyBridge hotspot without a wired connection/ethernet cable and get you on the air.

At BridgeCom Systems, we are constantly seeking out ways to reinvigorate your amateur radio experience. 

Rather than being constricted to one mode of digital radio, the SkyBridge has the ability to function on several digital radio modes, including: DMR, DStar, Fusion, P25, NXDN and POCSAG. The fun doesn't stop there, though! The SkyBridge also features the following Cross-Mode capabilities: (DMR to NXDN), (DMR to YSF), (YSF to DMR) and (YSF to NXDN).

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Richard Mcfadden - October 12, 2020

I would like the $238 handheld 1st timer which hot spot gizzmo do I need I would like to take it out of the box and use it I’m in my 60’s not to computer savvy can you help me ? Thank you sir

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