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How To Quickly Install Software for the AnyTone 578UVIIIPRO DMR Radio

How To Quickly Install Software for the AnyTone 578UVIIIPRO DMR Radio

Installing Software on the AnyTone Mobile Radios

Installing the right Computer Programming Software (CPS) can be stressful and certainly annoying. Hunting down the correct firmware, figuring out how to download it, and then making sure it works. It all sounds like a headache, but it doesn’t need to be. Today we’ll show you how to install the right CPS software for your AnyTone 578 Mobile quickly and easily.

How to Find Your Radios Software

And that is how you fully install the CPS software into your AnyTone 578 Mobile. From our experience, the easiest way to find the newest cps software is through our website. If you were looking to update your radio software to the latest version, you can just go straight to our support page and find your radio. If you're not exactly sure what kind of software you're looking for, only search your radio's name and cps software. 

BridgeCom CPS Software →

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Dave Smith - April 15, 2022

Im trying to program my AT 779 UV for the CTCSS im using version 2.00 can you please help me

Robert - August 26, 2021

Can the programs for the Anytone 578 mobile work with the Linux operating system?

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