How to install the AnyTone CPS

How to install the AnyTone CPS

Hi everyone, this is Cody from BridgeCom Systems. In this video, I'll be showing

you how to install the CPS, for your AnyTone radio.


So first up, go to This is a great resource for all your

radio needs. Then go to the support section. Now choose whatever generation of

radio you have. In this case we're going to be installing the 878 software. Now

what you want to do here is find the correct version of software. Now you'll want

to get the latest. So in this case we're going to install 1.13. Now your radio will

come with some sort of documentation, what version of firmware your radio has.

So we're going to get 1.13 which is currently the latest.


Then I'm going to save it to my desktop. And now it might take a minute to

download. Now this is going to be in a zip file, so we can see it here. Now what

you want to do with this is right click on it and then Extract All. Now it show

extracted files when complete. say extract. Now this could take a minute. Okay,

so now that it's extracted, we have our extracted file that showed up. Now at this

point we could get rid of the zip file. We no longer need it. So we're going to open

this up. Now in here there's a few different folders. So here's our update file, and

then in here we have our... those are our update files as well. So the labeling on

this is a little bit confusing. Now the file we're looking for is actually going to be

under the update file. Now this down here is actually your update firmware files.

Now the software is here. It's an application type file. This is set up 1.13 or

whatever generation that you have. You're looking for that application file. Now

what we're going to do is right click on this, run it as administrator. You always

want to run it as administrator. And I'll show you an easy way to do that once we

have it installed. So go ahead and install it. Now I want to create a desktop icon.

I'm going to check that. And finish. It's going to launch it. Okay, so I'm going to

close out of it. Now here is our file. Okay, now what you want to do with it,

because I've installed it before it's kind of showing up this way. It would look like


this over here, that doesn't have that administrator icon on it. So what you want to

do is right click on it, go the properties, and then go to compatibility over here.

And then check this, run this program as administrator check box. Hit apply, and

then okay. Now if you don't want to do that, you can right click on it and run it as

administrator that way. But it's that simple. You're in it, now you can get to work

doing whatever you want to do from here.


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This is Cody from BridgeCom Systems, 73.

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Norman Lampton - June 19, 2020

Thanks for the info on getting CPS.
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