How to Get Started in DMR Radio

How to Get Started in DMR Radio

Are Your Repeaters Dead?

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If you’re a Ham, then you know how hard it can be to find anyone chatting on an analog radio. It can feel like the bands are completely dead. Thousands of Hams are sharing this experience. If you pick up amateur radio where you left off, you're sure for failure. But there’s a simple reason why—you’re not using DMR.

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What Does DMR Mean?

DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio. The European Telecommunication Standards Institute or ETSI developed this technology to create an inexpensive open-standard. The main goal of this digital standard is to replace analog radios. DMR technology is most notable for improving voice quality, functionality, security, and channel efficiency. But what’s the crucial piece making all this possible? How are Hams talking to each other across the ocean? The internet.

How Do DMR Radios Work?

DMR radio and DMR repeaters are networked together via the internet. This system allows you and your buddies to connect not just in your local area but across the world. Virtually with DMR, you can hear the thousands of fellow hams and their stories without ever having to leave your home. Are you ready to start your journey into DMR? We can help you!

How BridgeCom Systems Can Help You.

We’re a small company here at BridgeCom Systems, but we have a strong team. Over half of our team are Ham radio operators with backgrounds from all interests of amateur radio. Together we’ve created a sensational radio package with you in mind. Instead of handing you a radio and saying "enjoy," this will ensure you and your radio succeed. But what is it?

What's this sensational new device behind so many Hams making their first QSO on DMR? The product with so many saying, "You might say I've got the whole world in my hands when I'm holding this.” Click below, so you don’t lose out on the product behind endless DMR success stories! 

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