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How to get a DMR ID

How to get a DMR ID

Get your DMR ID here:

FCC login page:

Free 3-Step DMR Guide:

For more information:
πŸ“ž: 816-532-8451
Technical Support:

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Claire E. Schloenvogt - November 18, 2020
I have a YAESU FT2D but have not learned how to program and use it. I will be 82 on 12/25/20 so I need help. I use a Kenwood THF6A which was programed for me by a member

of WPARC, I am a member of LHARG, WPARC, & YSARC, I was considering purchasing a
878 .Thank you for all information and instructions of help, Thank You, Claire KI6VWG .

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