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How to Enable APRS and Bluetooth Menus

How to Enable APRS and Bluetooth Menus

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Bob - June 22, 2020

Hi i have a anytone 878 i have now sound can you help me. I have send emil
To you .
But no email from you.

Derek - July 8, 2020

Good Evening from the U.K.

I find, that though the multiplicity of videos on your site are interesting, quite often the narrator is speaking too quickly. As I (and friends), are not overly familiar with U.S. accents, this can often be ‘off putting’ and lead to an early abandonment of following the information stream to it’s conclusion. (Unfortunately, the same can be said of many ‘YouTube’ instructional videos emanating from the U.S., which would otherwise be excellent).

Sorry to appear so negative, but I’m not alone.



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