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How to Customize the Screen of an AnyTone DMR Handheld

How to Customize the Screen of an AnyTone DMR Handheld

Did you know you can change the screen brightness, font color, boot and background images of all AnyTone handhelds? One of the most exciting features about the AnyTone radios, as compared to analog, is the ability to tailor your radio to your exact specifications.

Today we’ll navigate you through the screen customization settings for your AnyTone DMR handheld.

With that final setting adjustment, your radio should now have the custom settings you desire. To find out how to quickly update your radio’s software, click the link below, where we’ll walk you through the steps to upgrading your radios firmware and CPS.

Firmware Update Tutorial →

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Luis Gonzalez W4LAG - September 2, 2021

Thank you, great tool. Easy to follow.
Again Thank you

Peter Calendo - September 2, 2021

Just wondering if any new version going to be released of the Anytone?

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