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HF Etiquette 101: A Beginner's Guide to Operating in HF Radio

HF Etiquette 101: A Beginner's Guide to Operating in HF Radio

Are you worried about making a mistake when operating on the HF bands? When you’re getting started in HF, it’s unwise to CQ without the proper etiquette. Many Hams get ahead of themselves by trying to jump in and attempt to learn the best practices along the way, but the best way to learn is with us here at BridgeCom. Today we're excited to share the best practices you can implement when operating your HF radio.

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Richard Tripp - April 16, 2021

Very informative, thanks for posting this.

James Briggs - April 16, 2021

Really appreciate the nurturing approach you folks bring to the hobby.
Stay safe and Good DX

Peter J Guldan - April 16, 2021

Great video about band etiquitte. Is this able to be used during club meetings, etc?

Carmine - April 16, 2021

Where can I get a band limitation listing?

William Joe - April 16, 2021

Helpful HF etiquette.
I will be looking for more helpful posts

JOHN E STARK N1JIO - April 16, 2021

I only hope that new as well as the old timer need to return to the basics which is good information for ALL OF US in this HOBBY it will make radio a lot more fun for all of us. I find that a few nice words to help someone to be able to make a contact and use some tried and true practices that we all learned when first studying for the license wanted to show our Elmer
that we were listening to him and did not embarrassed him to his fellow operators that knew he helped you get on the air. Thanks to all Lic. as KN1VWW in 1962 and enjoy the hobby most of the time it only LIDS on both sides of age show so disrespect for one another, a kind word is much better than a rant to one another !!

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