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Ham Radio Crash Course reviews the AnyTone 578 Mobile

Ham Radio Crash Course reviews the AnyTone 578 Mobile

View the Radio - https://bit.ly/3bUf1wR

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clarence l jobe - April 27, 2020

enjoyed the presentation

Steve KK6CON - April 27, 2020

Excellent video and very informative!
As a trucker I run a Yeasu ft-60 with an external antenna. This tri band could be a great addition for me!

CRAIG RIch - April 27, 2020

Thank you for the review 👍

Chris - April 27, 2020

Nice review. I already own the radio, so I’ll add my 2 cents worth. First, I have been looking for a radio with tri band capablity for a long time. My main reason for purchasing it was to get a radio I could use as a tri band base radio. DMR was just a cherry on top! I wanted to get into DMR at some point, so this was a good deal. Now the comments.
It seems like different runs of this radio have different power levels. 222 has 8 watts out on this one. High power was about 40 watts on both 144 and 440. “Turbo” power makes the radio put out about 70 watts on 2 meters, no change on the others. I’m not using that as it is really overkill. Getting into DMR has been interesting. All I’ll say is there is a fairly steep learning curve for DMR if you are just starting. Lots of stuff on the internet including good videos on the BridgeCom site to help. If you are near a major city, there is lots of stuff on 222. Out in the boondocks, not so much. Check out Condor Connection in California (google it). Part two, this is my first AnyTone radio, so here are some comments on the AnyTone: No metering! I suspect this is because it was born into the commercial world, not the ham world. The radio is clean. Not all Chinese radios are. The cheapies are not type accepted because they often don’t meet spectral purity rules. Buyer beware! A recent article in QST documented this isssue over all the radios they had tested. AnyTone was always 100 percent compliant on purity. Kudos! Software provided is not real user-friendly, but it does work well. Oh, one thing you missed in the video. The programmable buttons all can have two functions: one for a short push and one for a long push(2sec). So I give the radio a big thumbs up. Even though its price is a little on the high side, given three bands, DMR, GPS, and bluetooth, it really gives you good bang for your buck!

Dick - April 27, 2020

Great report Josh, I am looking very seriously at this radio, and your reports on equipment are clear, concise, and cover all the questions that anyone might have.

Tim Matthews - April 27, 2020

You didn’t mention that it also cross bands and cross modes, VHF to UHF, UHF to VHF, analog to DMR, DMR to analog. 2m and 1.25m are both VHF so, you can’t cross band those. And the coolest part of cross banding, A channel set, B channel set, press a button (or work through the menus) and you turn cross band on/off. No power down, press buttons on power up to activate/deactivate cross band.

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