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Getting To Know Your SkyBridge Digital Hotspot

Getting To Know Your SkyBridge Digital Hotspot

So, you have a new digital hotspot. Now what?

Today, Lucas demonstrates all you need to know to properly set up and test your NEW SkyBridge Digital Hotspot so you can start making QSOs over DMR easily.

-----Get Your Own SkyBridge Digital Hotspot-----

0:00 Intro
0:29 Setting Up Your Hotspot
7:53 Testing With Parrot Talkgroup
8:15 Next Steps

What Makes the SkyBridge Plus Better Than The Original?

  • Upgraded High-Performance Board/Processer (400% faster boot speed)
  • 1.3” OLED Screen Upgraded to 2.4” LCD Screen (3.38X More Space
  • New Upgraded Display Features
  • Direct Ethernet Port and Displayed IP address - easy internet access. 
  • New Jet Black Look
-----Get Your Own SkyBridge Digital Hotspot-----

For more information:
📞: 816-532-8451
Technical Support:

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