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Digital Monitor(Promiscuous Mode) Demo with your AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV

Digital Monitor(Promiscuous Mode) Demo with your AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV

Hi Friends,

In the context of the 868/878, I invite you to watch this short video as Chuck, KØXM, discusses digital monitor and how it works with repeaters and hotspots.


Video Transcription: 

 Chuck - KØXM:
Hi folks. It's Chuck, K0XM. I want to shoot a real quick video on the digital monitor function in the AnyTone.

Chuck - KØXM:
Some of 'em called it, a long time ago, promiscuous. In other words, what it does is if ... Right now, if you look next to the little, the power level, the L, I have no icon. If I hit single slot, it turns on a red speaker with the single line. I have button assigned. I hit it twice, it turns on double slot monitoring, which means through a repeater, and a repeater only, you'll hear everything that comes across. On a hot spot, you'll hear any activity, whether you're dialed to the channel or not.

Chuck - KØXM:
Now, remember, hot spot are asleep until you wake 'em up. So, if you wake up four or five channels, by chance you get 'em to take, normally, it's a single time slot unit, and, um, what'll happen is everything that ... If you dial to another channel, you'll still hear the activity on the previous channel.

Chuck - KØXM:
Anyway, that's how a digital monitor works. It's mostly designed for repeaters, but it can function on hot spots. And that's what the little red icon next to, uh, the, uh, power level is. And I'll roll through my power levels real quick so you can see how that changes. There's medium level, high level, turbo, and low. Now, I've got buttons assigned in my code plug to do this, and these are defaults that are also on hot spot code plug that we send out.

Chuck - KØXM:
73, folks. K0XM.

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William Taylor - November 30, 2019

need more detail – more info – this is not geared to a new user

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