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David Casler's AT-D578UVIIIPRO Feature Review

David Casler's AT-D578UVIIIPRO Feature Review

 Youtuber Dave Casler, KEØOG, does a no-nonsense review of the AT-D578UVIIIPRO features that he received from BridgeCom Systems.

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Hi Dave, you have a very informative topic and thanks for that. I am very interested with the unit you presented (baofeng?) but I don’t know if there is one dealer here in my country, Philippines. What I understand is that our NTC (national telecommunications commission) is not yet ready to accredit or recognize this brand but I hope in the near future they will. DMR is actually now becoming an exciting part of ham activities in my country. I also thank BridgeCom University for these knowledge that they generously share worldwide. 73 and thank you.

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