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BridgeCom Welcomes Chuck, K0XM Interview

BridgeCom Welcomes Chuck, K0XM Interview

BridgeCom is proud to welcome Chuck, K0XM, to the fold. Chuck will be BridgeCom's main customer service and technical support person. Listen to 20 questions, or there about, with him and get to know more about what makes him tick!

Chuck is a member and founder of the Back Yard Repeater Group, The have many repeaters on the air throughout the Kansas City Metro area and the region including parts of Kansas. The have repeater on 2m, 440, 220, and more. They also offer several digital modes including DMR with 20+ repeaters linked. Check the web site for more information.

Chuck's go to radio is the Anytone AT-D868UV GPS DMR handheld.

Chuck also likes the ability to use the BCR Repeaters with the MMDVM to make a multi Digital Mode Repeater.

How to program a BCR Repeater for Mixed Mode Operation

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