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Breaking: BridgeCom Systems and Middle Tennessee Two-Way Join Forces to Form New Partnership!

Breaking: BridgeCom Systems and Middle Tennessee Two-Way Join Forces to Form New Partnership!


BridgeCom Systems and Middle Tennessee Two-Way Partner to Expand Two-Way Radio Sales

Smithville, MO - BridgeCom Systems, a leading provider of two-way radio communication solutions, has announced a new partnership with Middle Tennessee Two-Way, a trusted provider of communication solutions since 1983. This partnership will allow BridgeCom Systems to expand its reach in the Tennessee market while providing Middle Tennessee Two-Way customers with access to BridgeCom's high-quality two-way radio products.

Ron Kocchanowicz, the CEO of BridgeCom Systems, said, "We are thrilled to partner with Middle Tennessee Two-Way and bring our high-quality two-way radios to their customers. This partnership will allow us to expand our reach and serve more customers in the Tennessee area."

Mark Cline, owner of Middle Tennessee Two-Way, said, "We are excited to partner with BridgeCom Systems, a company with a long-standing reputation for providing reliable communication solutions. Our customers will benefit greatly from the high-quality two-way radios and innovative solutions offered by BridgeCom Systems."

BridgeCom Systems' two-way radio products are designed for a range of industries, including public safety, healthcare, hospitality, education, and more. Middle Tennessee Two-Way's team of experts will help customers identify the best solutions for their specific needs and provide ongoing support and service.

About BridgeCom Systems:
BridgeCom Systems is a leading provider of two-way radio communication solutions, specializing in repeaters, handheld radios, and mobile radios. Founded in 2004, BridgeCom Systems has a mission to connect people through communication, providing the highest quality, most innovative communication solutions.

About Middle Tennessee Two-Way:
Middle Tennessee Two-Way has been providing communication solutions to businesses in the Middle Tennessee area since 1983. With a team of experts, Middle Tennessee Two-Way offers personalized service and support to customers across a range of industries.

Ron Kocchanowicz, BridgeCom Systems
Phone: 1-816-532-8451

Mark Cline, Middle Tennessee Two-Way
Phone: 1-931-684-3435
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