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BridgeCom Donates Radio Equipment to College Radio Club

BridgeCom Donates Radio Equipment to College Radio Club

Our Founder, Ron, visits his old college stomping grounds at Missouri S&T in Rolla, Missouri.

Ron is joined by the President of the S&T Radio Club, Thomas, as he climbs their 12 story building, dissects broken duplexers, and fixes all their transmission problems.

What could be causing their transmission issues? Join Ron and Thomas in their journey to solving the mystery behind the broken transmissions!

Here at BridgeCom Systems, we will provide you an affordable, tailored, turnkey repeater system perfect for Ham radio clubs of any size. The result is a reliable system that gives you total freedom from relying on other communication systems.

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G. Wayne Rivali - August 26, 2021

I am a member of The American Legion ARC, and locally, the Taos ARC. Taos is up in the Rocky Mountains and Taos ARC could use a boost with our 2 repeaters, Picuris and San Antonio Mountain. I think both are over 10,000 feet agl.

Also, please tell Ron to say hi to my good friend, Darren Bacon, airport manager in Rolla.
G. Wayne Rivali

John Watkins - August 26, 2021

Thanks for working with S&T. I am a 68 grad from there and my grand daughter is a 2018 grad.

Should you ever need some gear transported down there I am retired and could offer my F150 and the gas/time to make it happen.

John Watkins N0EVH
Indep MO

Gary Brown - August 26, 2021


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