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Best Beginner Radios for Newly Licensed Hams: Technician and General Class

Best Beginner Radios for Newly Licensed Hams: Technician and General Class

Are you struggling with finding the radio that gives you the power to fully explore your license privileges?

Perhaps you knew what kind of radio you had in mind before getting your license, but once you passed your test, it suddenly became too hard to choose. It's unfortunate, but it can be pretty challenging to research and find the right radio, especially if you're trying to find one to fit your license. Finding a quality radio is crucial because it can be the difference between making new contacts hourly and putting your radio on the shelf, never to be touched again.

If this is how your experience is going, don't worry, we have good news. Today we're going to share with you our select list of radios fit for anyone just beginning with their technician license or looking to upgrade to general class.

To learn more about these radios, click the links below.

AnyTone 878 Plus →

Xiegu G90 →

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Marty Bower - April 16, 2021

I am thinking about. DMR and the AnyTone 878 was suggested but I see a new model coming out on the 19th I think I read. I am a tech KC3GPX and have not been on air yet due to health and I live in townhouse with HOA so can’t put Antenna outside on roof. So thinking handheld might be good for me . So is it safe to buy the newest one at $299.00 or get the 878 plus for. $238. Can you give me any helpful suggestions?
Thanks Marty
484-459-9586 cell

Scott Graham - April 16, 2021

I’m just a technician now but would love to be a general license! So what radio would be best for me, I have tried the Pofung, and find it very hard to work with, so hard to work with that it just sits on my self!
Thank you
Scott Graham

Jeff Moore -- KE7ACY - April 16, 2021

Are you insane?? The VERY last radio you should be recommending for beginner hams is the 878 in any form. I can’t speak to the G90, but again – this is hardly a beginner’s radio by ANY stretch of the imagination!!!

DMR has THE steepest learning curve of ANY device I’ve ever dealt with! To suggest that it is a “great beginners radio” is the most ludicrous statement I’ve ever run into! I know hams who’ve spent months trying to get their DMR radios usable. To suggest that this is any kind of beginner’s radio is irresponsible!!

This is the best method I know of to turn beginners AWAY from the hobby!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

Programming a beginner’s radio for them does NOTHING to make the hobby any easier for them. It does TIE them to your organization for assistance though – GREAT marketing move, but don’t try to sell that as a good move – it’s NOT!

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