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📣 Hamvention Sale Now LIVE! Celebrate the Biggest Ham Radio Event of the Year with HUGE Savings! 📣

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2020 AnyTone DMR HT Buyers Guide (Feature Comparison)

2020 AnyTone DMR HT Buyers Guide (Feature Comparison)

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Hi everyone, this is Cody from BridgeCom Systems W3AMG. And today, we're going to be showing you what the difference is between the AnyTone 868, Okay, so let's start off with the AnyTone 868. So this radio is a great all-around DMR radio. It's gonna be the lowest priced option that we carry. So this has 150,000 digital contacts. It also has digital APRS and GPS. So you're gonna be able to have all those great features.

Next up, we have the AnyTone 878. Now, this radio has all the great features the 868 has, but we also have digital and analog APRS, we have a customizable display, as well as roaming. Now roaming is a really cool feature. You can have multiple repeaters programmed into this, be driving down the road, and have it automatically switch between repeaters. Now the 878 also has this other really cool feature. It's got a 200,000 digital contacts list built-in, so you can have the entire database now, as well as have lots of room as the database grows.

And finally, we have the AnyTone 878 Plus. Now, this is our most popular DMR handheld radio that we sell currently. Now, this is gonna have all the great features that the 878 has, as well as built-in Bluetooth. Now, this Bluetooth will mean you can connect this to your Bluetooth car stereo, you connect it to a motorcycle helmet, and just about any other Bluetooth hands-free device. Now it also comes with this Bluetooth push-to-talk button. So you can strap it on your steering wheel, have it on your finger, or anything you wanna do with it. Now, this is my personal favorite, and it's what we would recommend here at BridgeCom.

If you want to get on DMR, we would highly recommend any one of these three radios. Now when you buy one of these three radios from BridgeCom, you will also get access to BridgeCom University. This is our tailored for you AnyTone course that will take you from pulling your radio out of the box, to talking on DMR in no time. We are committed to your success. Currently, we have over that will show you how to program your radio. Once again, this is Cody W3AMG from BridgeCom Systems 73 TRANSCRIPTION END.

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John Nestor - January 31, 2020

How long has Anytone been on the market? Is that the brand name or the manufacturer or both? What manufacturer makes Anytone if they don’t make it themselves?

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