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AnyTone AT-D878/868UV Sub Channel Function Demo

AnyTone AT-D878/868UV Sub Channel Function Demo

Check out this Demo on the subchannel function of the AnyTone AT-D868UV or AnyTone AT-D878UV by Chuck - K0XM.


Video Transcription:

Chuck - KØXM:
Hi folks it's Chuck, K0XM, a little video here on what is the sub channel? Well right now, I'm in digital mode, and if you see it only shows one zone and one channel, MCIBYRG, that's our North Kansas City Backyard repeater room talk room on the MCI or North Kansas City Repeater.

Chuck - KØXM:
Now, I've, I've, got a button to sign and mine is the top button, whether it be the orange one on the 868 or the blue one on the 878, but if I push it, it says sub channel on and my display switch as well. My sub channel right now is set up in VFO. If it was set up memory, then it would pop to a memory channel.

Chuck - KØXM:
Now I turn it off and I normally run it with it off, because the radio cannot receive both channels at the same time, uh, presently. Uh, a future update, uh, Firm Ware may change that, but right now it does not have that capability.

Chuck - KØXM:
Anyway, that explains the sub channel, 73 folks KØXM.

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Richard - February 28, 2020

Would be nice to know what exactly the function of the sub channel is instead of just how to turn it on and off.

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