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AnyTone 878 PLUS Testimonial by, David, KK4CNV.

AnyTone 878 PLUS Testimonial by, David, KK4CNV.


I'm David, KK4CNV, and I just bought a D878 AnyTone from BridgeCom Systems.

I chose to enter the DMR space as a digital mode because I'm training two technicians. 

And I'm hoping that this will give them a chance to talk to people outside of the local repeater area. 

And I chose BridgeCom Systems based on their training that is available. 

They have a lot of videos out there that help make clear some of the unusual language in the DMR world that I'm not used to as a traditional HAM radio operator. 

So here it is, and let's see what came. 

I bought their complete package with the video training. 

I recommend the video training. 

There is a mic, an antenna, a case, and the radio. 

And one of the things, a manual, that I like about this radio in particular, there's the radio, is that about half of this radio is the battery. 

And this battery, you can see the size of that battery. 

This battery is that's more than twice the battery capacity of the handheld that I use with another that I got from another major radio supplier, or manufacturer. 

So, here is the final assembly. 

And this feels like a very rugged, solid radio. 

That's it. - Transcript from David, KK4CNV.

If you want to see what all of the fuss is about, click the link below to learn more about the AnyTone 878 PLUS.

Click here to learn more >>


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