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AnyTone 878 PLUS Highlights by Ham Radio Crash Course

AnyTone 878 PLUS Highlights by Ham Radio Crash Course


Without further ado, let's get into it. 

The AnyTone AT-878UV. So first I want to give a big thanks to BridgeCom Systems for sending me this AnyTone 878 . 

I have had a serious, a lot of fun doing this review and actually just getting to know this radio. 

Let me just say right upfront, this is a very nice radio and hopefully everything I can convey will make that easy to understand because there's a lot to cover. 

Wow, that screen has a really bright contrast. 

Certainly I've tried it in a car using this, the speaker mic for the hands free but you don't need it clear. 

It's really easy to read. 

Even outdoors, when I was using this, I was taking this with me, this was my daily driver for a little while. 

Also the controls on the screen are flush. 

There are two dials, one for volume and one for channel controls which are always nice. 

A lot of radios only have one control on the top and I like two. 

You have an extra button that you can program and the button's flush, but feel okay in the hand. 

Pretty good. 

So first impressions, pretty strong. 

Then I got to actually listening to the thing and it has an amazingly loud speaker. 

Get ready to blow your doors off, baby. 

N6R88, handle is Ryan Radio, Yankee Alpha Nancy. 

God, it makes my ears ring. 

Driving home from work. 

It's on the lowest setting and this is just wonderful. 

And TGI, day before on the fourth, I guess, just enjoying a cool 71 degree day and definitely going to be enjoying kicking off some shoes here in a little bit. 

Kick off those shoes, Ryan.

 You deserve it, buddy. 

This speaker goes well beyond louder than any of the other HT's I have or have used. 

It's quite simply amazing how loud this thing is. 

The battery life is forever on this radio. 

I don't have another radio that lasts as long as this radio does. 

Now I know it has a 3100 milliamp power battery. 

That's how it's configured from BridgeCom, but wow, just a super, super impressive battery. 

Very long burn time. 

I let this thing run on all weekend and I still barely cracked the top of the battery. 

That's how long this thing will run for. 


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