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AnyTone 578 Quick Start Guide

AnyTone 578 Quick Start Guide

Today, we're super excited to talk to you about everything that’s come with your 578 out of the box and then we’ll take you through how to program your radio. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to make your first QSO on DMR!

Today we took you from opening your 578 out of the box, all the way to programming it for your first DMR QSO. If you’re serious about making a QSO in DMR , click below to buy an AnyTone 878 (PLUS) today. Thanks again for watching. I’m Cody, W3AMG, with BridgeCom Systems, 73.


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Patrick ALLEN - November 18, 2020

I have the 878 complete package. If I buy the 578, can I use the same Skybridge and blue- tooth PTT for both. What would I need to buy to have a 578 full package to match my 878 package? Thanks.

Terry McFall - November 18, 2020

OK, your quick start video on how to program a new radio has convinced me that there is no way on earth I could do that myself. Waaaay to fast, steps referred to, but skipped, 250 options, and on and on. Now convinced Bridgecom is only designed for for the highest level techies, and not for us bottom dwelling Techs and Generals. Sorry just not for me.

Jeff Moore - November 18, 2020

Why is the 578 Quick start guide talking about setting up the 878, not the 578??

This is HUGELY CONFUSING for users that want to set up their 578!!

There are similarities between the 2 radios, but they are NOT THE SAME!!!

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