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The SkyBridge MAX is out NOW! Our Newest Hotspot is flying off the shelves, Check it out HERE! >>

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Top 4 Must Have Accessories For The BCH-220 And BCH-270

Top 4 Must Have Accessories For The BCH-220 And BCH-270

The BCH-220 and BCH-270 are fantastic radios by itself.

With these 4 accessories they turn into a super handhelds, capable of handling any situation with ease. 


 A good speaker microphone is a must for Increased clarity and convenience. 

The BridgeCom BCS-200 Water Resistant Speaker Mic is perfect. It even has a port to plug an earpiece into! 

Decreased wind noise even in gusty, stormy conditions. This remote speaker microphone for two way radios boast a revolutionary windporting feature that dramatically lessens background noise from high winds and other severe weather conditions.

Audio can pass through the speaker grill even when the microphone port is blocked by water. The clarity of this microphone can help public safety professionals communicate more clearly


BridgeCom BCS-200 Water Resistant Speaker Mic

Compatable with the BCH-220 and BCH-270.



If you want the most signal range and clarity out of your radio. An aftermarket antenna is a must. The factory antenna on the BCH-220 and BCH-270 is pretty good, But it is still a rubber duck.  If you really want to get the maximum range you need to get a high quality whip antenna

Like the Nagoya NA-320A 17.7-Inch whip Triband HT Antenna (144-220-440Mhz) 

Compatable with the BCH-220 and BCH-270.


Extra Battery

It is essential to always have a backup battery. Whether you at a field day or in an emergency situation, you never know when you'll need it.  

BCH-220 Battery                                                        BCH-270 Battery



Programming Cable

While the BCH-220 Is VFO Programmable, A programming cable makes programming the radio much easier. The programming software is free on the support page of the website. 

BCH-220 Programming Cable.          BCH-270 Programming Cable 


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Garnet Ryder, VE7GNR - September 2, 2021

I have the BCH-270 and it’s a GREAT radio. I have an extra battery and lots of accessories including the programming cable. But the programming software only works on Windows 7. I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s possible to use the cable with a 3rd party software like CHIRP because I don’t know which similar radio type to select for connecting. Any idea of alternative software for Windows 10?

Robert Ritter - February 4, 2021

I was wondering if this radio is still available for purchase? If yes could you send me a link to it. The BCH-220 1.25 meter handheld radio.

Thank you
Robert Ritter

Mohammad Imran - May 10, 2018

Sir I am engage as constable in police department and recently these communication device is use full to us for refinement of my skill .please send me basic and essential knowledge for operate and assemble the handheld and radio mobile set.thanks

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