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🎁 This Month ONLY: Buy an 578UVIII Plus, Get 50% OFF a Tri-Band Antenna! Just add both items to your cart, then use code JUNEDEAL at checkout! 🎁

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The Future of Ham Radio! Palmer Junior Middle School's Ham Club!

The Future of Ham Radio! Palmer Junior Middle School's Ham Club!

A budding group of young students have just taken up the torch of ham radio! Located alittle farther than a stone's throw away is Palm Jr. Middle School in—you guessed it— Alaska! All the way up north, fellow ham William Crume, KL5LD, has gathered a group of the next generation and lit the fire of a modern-day radio renaissance. Not only has he been sharing his love of ham radio with the next generation, but he's also inspired these kids to take up the art of ham radio. So, to all the hams reading this, keep an ear open! With BridgeCom's SkyBridge MAX, you just may get a call from Palmer Jr. Middle School’s very own ham club!

Meet the Students! Or...Meet a budding Ham!

With dedicated guidance and a helping hand from BridgeCom University, William Crume has assembled some of the finest young gentlemen and ladies to explore the art of ham radio! Equipped with the popular AnyTone 878 Handheld, students have already begun mastering contacts and making QSOs! Who might you connect with? Keep an ear out for these names on the airwaves! Robert P., Breahna S., Roman W., Mason S., Maddison J., Brigitta B., Dallin W., Lance S., and Parker J! While some may not yet have their Technician License, having William Crume, KL5LD, leading the way means they’re well on their route to making YOU their next contact!

Spotlight on a Certain Young Achiever!

Over at Palmer Jr. Middle School's Ham Club, Lance S has been the first one in his class to secure a technician license! Lance is a well-known student beloved by faculty and friends, and he is now a new beacon of inspiration not just for his peers, but for all those in the youngest generation wanting to get into ham radio!

His accomplishment reflects not only his dedication to the art but also the effective mentorship provided by the ham club’s leader, William Crume! Lance’s progress is a testament to what young, motivated learners can achieve with the right support and an excellent mindset!

A Strong Partnership with BridgeCom Systems!

BridgeCom Systems was contacted by Mr. William Crume a few weeks ago, and we just loved hearing firsthand how the latest generation of ham radio enthusiasts are thriving! We were so thrilled to see that Palmer Jr. Middle has not only taken the steps needed to become radio masters, but are doing it by training with Bridgecom University! In light of that, we decided that if anyone was going to help foster the next generation of hams, it'd be bridgecom! 

With a few 878 Handhelds sent to the kids for FREE, we're confident that the quality and features of our favorite Handheld are more than enough to keep the kids in the ham loop!

The Future Looks Bright!

Under the leadership of William Crume and with the ongoing support from BridgeCom Systems, these students from Palmer are set to carry the torch of ham radio into the future! They are not merely participants in the ham radio hobby; they are pioneers! These children are ensuring that the art and science of ham radio continues to flourish and adapt even in a digital age!

As these young enthusiasts advance in their skills and knowledge, they embody the spirit of innovation that BridgeCom Systems champions! Each new license they earn and every connection they make underscores the vibrant future of ham radio, proving that traditional hobbies like these have significant roles to play in our interconnected world!

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