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How to reinitialize your AnyTone 868/878

How to reinitialize your AnyTone 868/878

  Hi, everyone. This is Cody from BridgeCom Systems, I'm going to be showing you how to reinitialize your radio. So this will apply to the AnyTone 868, 878, 878 PLUS, and probably future radios. But that's what it applies to at this point in time.

  Now, the reason you would want to do this is if something's gone wrong with your radio, you want to try and reset it, you want it just back to the factory settings. There could be a number of reasons why you would actually want to do this but keep this in mind. If you do this procedure, it will wipe absolutely everything off of your radio. It'll be factory settings, you'll lose your codeplug, everything disappears off the radio. So if you want to save your codeplug, if you're having an issue with the radio, make sure that back it up beforehand. That way you can throw that same codeplug back in it.

  But let's get on with the procedure.

  So first off, turn on your radio. Make sure it is already initialized. In this case, this radio's been used before, so it is. So now we're going to turn it off.

  So you're going to hold down the push-to-talk button, and the button directly below it. Now, this is sometimes easier to do with these two fingers. Hold them down, and then turn on the radio. And once this message comes up, you can let go. So it's asking you, "Are you sure you want to initialize your radio?" So click confirm. And now it's going to turn off and it has to reboot, go through a cycle.

  And there we are. The radio has been initialized, so we can set this. Confirm. And we're back into a fresh radio.

  So there we go, that's it for now. Hopefully, this takes care of any issue you've had. If you know anyone else who's having a problem with this, share this video with them.

  This is Cody from BridgeCom Systems, 73.

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Allen Gower - April 15, 2022

can’t find a menu item to change language from chineese to english

Ben Bramlett - November 18, 2020

Thank you to Roland who had the answer to my issue as well.

ALAN DAWS - May 26, 2020

my anyone 778uv is jammed with , insert the password on the screen i have never entered a password, none of the buttons work sonly the ptt to enter the password, i have tried several numbers with no luck, even the/off button is not doing anything you have to turn the supply off to shut down ,looks like its finished to me, also its hardly been used as it is a nightmare to set up, it would be great if u can advise me at all . heres hoping it it is not finished
yours sincerely Alan G4PVX

serdar erdem - April 27, 2020

my firmware now 1.15. i have Same problem. Holding the two buttons just ends up in a normal boot up. Help please….
pleaseee. i cant update firmware. so i have connection cable problem. but not com port. prolific 2007. i have other problem but i cant understand. i need factory reset :( please help

Alpha AZzz - April 6, 2020

Black sreen and green lamp. Reset now work. CPS reset funtion off……No shance? d

Derek Loseke - March 9, 2020

Just to echo Roland, I was not able to initialize on bootup as well after applying the new firmware image. Just need to go back into the CPU and set “Startup Reset” to ON under Optional Settings > Power On and write your plug. After that, reboot and reset the MCU as specified and you should be able to update finish the update.

Derek Loseke - March 9, 2020

Reporting the same. Upgraded from 1.16 to 1.17 and holding down the keys does not lead to an initialization mode.

Marty - March 9, 2020

Roland’s answer solved the problem. That menu has to be checked to allow the radio to do a reset. Otherwise, it will do just what it is doing to those on here…keep booting and re-starting when you hold TX and PF1 keys down while powering up.

Christopher Corbett - February 17, 2020

I’m having the same problem as mike mccrann

mike mccrann - February 4, 2020

Reloaded firmware, 1.17, then MCU reboot, from radio, then loaded a codeplug. Radio appears normal. I go to a digital channel, radio keys, but no RF goes out, take you finger off the PTT, radio still displays a RED transmit, stays red for maybe 5-8 seconds, then radio cycles off, go back to a boot screen then a normal screen. In analog, radio transmits fine, red indication goes away soon as your finger off the PTT.

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