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Hamfest Back in Vegas

Hamfest Back in Vegas

Nevada State Convention 2016After an absence of nearly three decades, Las Vegas is once again poised to host an amateur radio convention.

NVCON, the ARRL Nevada State Convention will take place April 29, 30, and May 1, 2016 at the new Eastside Cannery Hotel/Casino Event Center.

Las Vegas was once the site of the long running SAROC, the Sahara Amateur Radio Operators Convention. SAROC was second only to the Dayton Hamvention is size and attendance.

NVCON is gearing up to be jam packed with seminars, live demonstrations, round table presentations, static displays, emergency communication tracts, and much more, including the NVCON "Birds of a Feather" table top discussion groups.

Do you have a presentation that you would like to share with your fellow hams? How about a piece of equipment that you built? Were you a part of a DXpedition, Special Event Station, or other fun operating activity and you are willing to tell the story?

Do you operate in a unique way? For example, only boat anchors, surplus military gear, Summits On The Air, horseback mobile....come share your adventures.

Was your past employment a part of radio history....Voice Of America, coastal CW station, old radar site?

Do you love your K3? Well then how about being the moderator for an Elecraft "Birds of a Feather" discussion group?

This is a National Call for presenters, demonstrators, and discussion leaders to come and share your knowledge and enthusiasm of amateur radio with the ham community.

To submit your proposed activity, please go to:



John Bigley-N7UR
Section Manager-Nevada
Assistant Director-Pacific Division
Assistant Director-Southeastern Division

ARRL-the national association for AMATEUR RADIO

Nevada State Convention 2016










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