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220 MHz and D-STAR Dual Mode Repeater

220 MHz and D-STAR Dual Mode Repeater

BCR-220 NW Digital D-STAR Repeater

NW7DR A ( is up and running on D-STAR.

It is a Bridgecom BCR-220 operating (currently into a Dummy Load) on 224.56- mHz. in Edmonds, WA.  It will remain on the bench for testing while a suitable repeater site is located (we have one on the radar).  The repeater operates dual mode, analog FM (CTCSS 123.0 hz.) and D-STAR.
It uses the NW Digital Radio UDRC as the controller/modem. (The UDRC and it's Raspberry Pi can be powered directly off of the BCR-220 accessory port.)
Documentation for wiring and configuration will be provided at in the next few days.  It is basically the same, except for wiring and minor tweaks, as the Yaesu DR-1X.
The repeater is connected to both the ircddb and Quadnet D-STAR networks via ircddbgateway. (Callsign routing between G2 Icom gateways and ircddb is possible with the ircddb add-on for G2 -- common linking via DPLUS, DExtra, DCS, XLX, etc. is available via repeaters/hotspots connected to those networks).
The addition of 220 as a D-STAR repeater band opens VHF opportunities for club and individual repeaters where 2 meter repeater pairs are unavailable.
John D. Hays
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