220 MHz and D-STAR Dual Mode Repeater

220 MHz and D-STAR Dual Mode Repeater

BCR-220 NW Digital D-STAR Repeater

NW7DR A (http://nw7dr.dstar-relay.net) is up and running on D-STAR.

It is a Bridgecom BCR-220 operating (currently into a Dummy Load) on 224.56- mHz. in Edmonds, WA.  It will remain on the bench for testing while a suitable repeater site is located (we have one on the radar).  The repeater operates dual mode, analog FM (CTCSS 123.0 hz.) and D-STAR.
It uses the NW Digital Radio UDRC as the controller/modem. (The UDRC and it's Raspberry Pi can be powered directly off of the BCR-220 accessory port.)
Documentation for wiring and configuration will be provided at https://nw-digital-radio.groups.io/g/udrc/wiki in the next few days.  It is basically the same, except for wiring and minor tweaks, as the Yaesu DR-1X.
The repeater is connected to both the ircddb and Quadnet D-STAR networks via ircddbgateway. (Callsign routing between G2 Icom gateways and ircddb is possible with the ircddb add-on for G2 -- common linking via DPLUS, DExtra, DCS, XLX, etc. is available via repeaters/hotspots connected to those networks).
The addition of 220 as a D-STAR repeater band opens VHF opportunities for club and individual repeaters where 2 meter repeater pairs are unavailable.
John D. Hays
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