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BridgeCom TL-NET LTR Controller is compatible with Trident Raider Controller

LTR trunking is still very popular in the 450 region of the spectrum. There remains hundreds of LTR trunking repeater sites all across North America.
With the recent acquisition of Trident Micro Systems by Motorola and the ending of support of the Raider controller, we'd like to make you aware of the following:

Trident Raider to TL-NET controller open top 1Our BridgeCom Systems TL-NET LTR Controllers are EF Johnson slotted repeater bus compatible with the popularTrident Raider to TL-NET Controller open top 2 Trident Raider LTR Controller.

The Raider can SYNC to a TL-NET Controller and likewise, the TL-NET Controller can SYNC to a Trident Raider.

The TL-NET Controller supports both slot 21 validation and NO Access validation. Therefore, the validation can be done by either the Trident Raider or BridgeCom Systems TL-NET Controller.

Where the TL Controller and Raider are not compatible is how they communicate programming information one to another. For example, from the TL-NET Control Manager software, you'll not be able to program certain feature like the Raider's Fade Timer or Hang Timer. You'll still need to log into the Raider and change the programming directly. Also, the TL/TL-NET Controller and the Trident Raider will not share Validation tables. However, as stated previously, either controller can instruct the other as to the validation status of a particular group IDENT.

The following video demonstrates the trunking compatibility of the Trident Raider and the BridgeCom Systems TL-NET Controller.  

When/If you need a replacement Raider LTR controller or want to add channels to your LTR system, we invite you to consider the purchase of a TL-NET LTR Controller by BridgeCom Systems. Our controllers are fully supported. They require no batteries to retain programming information and the firmware is easy to upgrade.

Now that you have a solution to the problem, let us direct you to where you can get more information by clicking on a link below.  
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Jerry Bertinetti - May 1, 2017

Got your info on the web. I have an existing trunk system with Raider controllers and Motorola repeaters. Will the Bridge Com controller interface with Motorola XPR8400 Repeaters?

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