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10 Ways Radios are Better Than Cellphones

10 Ways Radios are Better Than Cellphones

Today you rarely meet someone without one. Men, women, single, married, young, old, it doesn't matter. I've even seen kids as young as seven years old walk around with their own. At that age I was playing in the dirt in the infield at my own t-ball games... but I digress. It seems almost everyone has a cellphone either in their hand or in their pocket, and it's hard to deny all the purposes that our phones fulfill for us on a day to day basis. It's truly like having a mini computer in the palm of your hand. And while cell phones and computers have their applications, there are a lot of situations where better-equipped, more specialized devices should be used. Radios will always hold a place in this world to take care of jobs that cellphones just aren't equipped for.

Here are 10 ways that Radios are better options than cellphones.

1. Cost-Effective

When's the last time you made a payment on your monthly radio bill? Hopefully never. Radios can be purchased and owned and don't require cell phone plans which require a payment every month to use. The average family cell phone plan is anywhere from $100-$200, while our best-selling the HT, the 878UVII Plus is a one-time cost of $299.

2. Durable

The two seconds from the time you accidently drop your phone, to the time you look and check if your screen is shattered, are a couple of the scariest seconds that you can encounter. You likely end up paying $1000+ for a new phone, or can breathe a huge sigh of relief. That isn't a problem with a good-quality radio. Drop it, bump it, toss it. You won't have to worry about a scuff or a scratch effecting a quality radio's performance.

Check out the durability and quality of these Echo radios

3. Instant PTT Calling

The fastest way to call someone, or to communicate with them from a distance is with a radio. Your cellphone may be your go-to calling device, but remember there are several steps to actually completing a call. You must enter your password, open up an app, find the contact, make the call, wait for an answer, and even then you may not be able to get in contact. With a radio, you'll likely get a response within a few seconds with the push of a button. 

4. Audio/Call Quality

Cell service tends to cut in and out when on the road, in busy areas, or in dead zones. Two-way radios provide loud and clear audio quality, as well as a strong signal even at times when cell phones struggle. Two-way radios contain noise cancelling technology that helps filter background noise and ensure you don't miss a thing.

5. Safety/Security

Two-way radios provide the security and peace of mind that cellphones can't. Cell phones are prone to be bugged and can't be set to a privatized network like radios can. Radios provide control over your selected channel where only those you are comfortable with can talk and listen.

6. Longer Battery Life

The battery life of a radio is far superior to a cell phone. I can't think of the last time I went a night without having to charge my cell phone so it's at 100% for the next day. If the tool you are using to communicate is dead, the only use it has at this point is as a paper weight. Battery life does depend on usage, but a radio allows for easy access to turn it on and off easily, and will allow you to go days without charging on occasion. You can also utilize an extra battery with a radio that a cellphone can't match.

Check out this short video on the AnyTone Battery for more information.

7. Reduced Down Time

Because a radio is a more specialized piece of equipment, you won't have the distractions that a cell phone allows. Stop spending time getting caught up in the social media craze. Sometimes it's hours by the time you get done checking all notifications and messages on a phone. With a radio you can focus on the task at hand, and can stop wasting precious time.

8. Purpose-Driven 

Radios are built with a specific purpose in mind, while cell phones are built to satisfy numerous needs. This means that cellphones can do quite a few things, but are not specialized in any one area like they may have been in the past. A radios main purpose is for quick and efficient communication, and a good quality radio does this to perfection. A radio meant for an employee or friend has a very clear purpose for communication, whereas a cellphone provides multiple paths to distractions.

9. Suited for Emergencies

Getting in contact at the push of a button is another way that radios have the upper hand. It's also important to again note that radios are not limited to coverage areas like cell phones. Radios can also be integrated with GPS services to ensure you have GPS locations when the situation calls for it. When emergencies occur, it's important to have fast, secure communication with no frills attached, and that's exactly what a radio gives you.

Check out the 578UVIII Plus, one of our best radios equipped for emergencies.

10. No Distractions

Checking your cellphone while on the road is a huge distraction for many drivers on the roads today. Cellphones can also cause interruptions during quality time with family and friends on a day-to-day basis. A radio provides a simple PTT feature with no distractions. This keeps you focused on any task in front of you, and doesn't give you the temptation to check social media or watch hours of YouTube.

Cell phones will likely always have their place in this world, but now we also know that there are many times where a radio is the better option. And while cell phones do have access to the web, calculators, calendars, and etc., there are so many jobs where a radio is more tactical, more secure, and more reliable. Make sure that you aren't undervaluing all the things a radio is capable of. There will always be a place for both in this world, but keep in mind that there are many situations where radios will always be the best option.

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