SkyBridge Dual Band Digital Hotspot

$ 299.99

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Package Includes:
SkyBridge Dual Band Digital Hotspot: $299.99
1.3" OLED Display Screen: $20
VHF/UHF SMA Antenna: $30
Pre-Imaged 16GB Micro SD Card with Pi-Star Software: $30
Micro USB to Ethernet Adapter: $30
3ft Ethernet Cable: $30
3ft USB to Micro USB Power Cable: $30
Wall 110 Outlet to USB Power Brick: $30
Micro USB Car Power Adapter: $25
3000MaH External Battery: $30

Total Value: $554.99
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Unboxing the Brand New SkyBridge

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 SkyBridge Features & Accessories

SkyBridge Demo

SkyBridge Features:

- Wired and wireless internet connection 
- High-performance 32-bit ARM processor
- SkyBridge Board Fully Assembled And Tested
- Uses Pi-Star Operating System
- Compatible with DMR, D-star, Yaesu System Fuzion(YSF), and NXDN radios
- Supports the following Cross-Mode Capabilities: (DMR to NXDN), (NXDN to DMR), (DMR to YSF), (YSF to DMR) and (YSF to NXDN)
- Supports operation in both 2m (144Mhz) and 70cm (440Mhz) bands
- Onboard LEDs to show status (Tx, Rx, PTT, Mode)
- Up to 10mW RF power
- SMA antenna connector, dual-band VHF/UHF antenna included
- The open-source firmware (MMDVM) is pre-loaded and is easily upgraded via software
- Built-in 1.3" OLED display
- Connection for Nextion LCD display
- 1 Year Warranty
- FCC Part 15 Certified


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