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Single Business Frequency License (Simplex)

FCC license for a single simplex frequency:

  • This is fee for services to obtain an FCC license for a single simplex frequency for a single location.
  • UHF or VHF (depends on needs)
  • If you own a business or run an organization needing radio-to-radio communication at a single location, this license is perfect.
  • Good for 10 years!

Let us help you get your business or organization legal and on the air!

We make it simple.  If you have a need for two-way radios, it's best to get your own license.  A license ensures exclusivity to you and prevents interference from those bubble-pack radios and everyone else!   


This is an all inclusive price and is non-refundable.  The price includes all FCC and coordination fees.  We get you on the air!

Please review our return policy here

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