RG213/U (Mil-Spec) Coax Cable Assemblies w/PL259 or N Male Connectors

$ 70.00

Are you looking for quality Feed Line for your new BCR Repeater purchase or to upgrade your Antenna Feed Line? Then the RG213/U (Mil-Spec) Coax Cable Assemblies w/PL259 or N Male Connectors is perfect for your application. This quality feed line cable has low loss, UV resistant direct burial jacket and is flexible. We offer pre-made lengths for 25', 50' and 100' with your choice of PL259 or N Male connector.  If you need a specific length please contact us for a quote.  


  • Stranded Center Conductor – flexible

  • Non-Contaminating-UV Resistant-Direct Burial-Black Jacket

  • Solid Polyethylene Dielectric. (corona effect)

  • VP: 66%

  • Flexible

  • Voltage DC: 5000

  • RoHS Compliant

    • Maximum permissible D.C. voltage level is conservatively 3 times the A.C. level

  • Overall Diameter: .405″

  • Weight 10#/100ft

  • All cable are fully tested. Hi-Pot® and continuity

  • Please Specify N Male or PL259 when Ordering

Nominal Attenuation-per 100ft/Power Rating(kW)/Efficiently%

  • 0.6dB @ 10MHz/3.43kW/87.2% E.

  • 1.0dB @ 30MHz/1.95kW/78.7% E.

  • 1.4dB @ 50MHz/1.49kW/73.1% E.

  • 2.4dB @ 150MHz/.83kW/57.1% E.

  • 4.5dB @ 450MHz/.45kW/35.8% E.