BridgeCom ID-O-MATIC IV Repeater Controller & Voice IDer

$ 145.00

The BridgeCom ID-O-Matic IV is a multipurpose, microcontroller based device intended primarily for repeaters, but with other uses as well. With a heritage dating back to the original ID-O-Matic featured in the 2008-2012 ARRL Handbook, its primary application is that of a simple but feature-laden repeater controller with automatic Morse code station ID. It can also be used for beacons, fox hunt transmitters, automatic station ID and many other uses. Thousands of ID-O-Matics have been sold to hams around the world and are in use in beacons, repeaters, link transmitters, Echolink & IRLP stations, and even providing automatic CW ID for HF, VHF and UHF stations.


  • Programmable delay timer announces your message in Morse code
  • CW keying and PTT outputs
  • COR/squelch input
  • New USB interface for quick and easy PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux) configuration

Using the built-in USB interface, connect the ID-O-Matic IV to a PC with a free terminal emulation program such as PuTTY or Minicom. Then use the simple menu to configure the ID-O-Matic IV. Next, type in your ID message. When the COR input is activated the ID-O-Matic IV will send the message at regular intervals. Finally, use the voice ID board to record your own voice ID.  You can use that instead of (or in addition to) Morse code!

How does it Work?
The COR input controls when the ID-O-Matic IV sends your programmed Morse code ID. You can use a squelch, COR, PTT or other signals from your equipment according to your needs. The built-in interface circuit and programmable signal polarity let you use either active-high or active-low input signals. You can optionally have the ID-O-Matic send a courtesy beep (or up to three Morse code characters) at the end of each transmission, and you can specify a "hang time" to keep PTT active for a brief period after the input stops. If you want the repeater to ID when it's idle, there is a beacon timer and a separate message for that too. For example, have the repeater ID with its call sign while being used, and a longer message every hour or two when it's idle. Or use Morse for the regular ID, and a voice announcement for the beacon. The ID-O-Matic IV has a real-time clock, so you can synchronize the beacon ID to your time.

Additional Features

  • PTT watchdog timer
  • ALT MSG input to send a different ID message (and even change the courtesy beep) based on the state of an input signal
  • PTT output is active during the CW ID
  • Programmable pre and post-ID delay
  • Speed is variable from 5 to 40 words per minute
  • Programmable pitch CW ID and the courtesy beep
  • Pure sine wave audio signal
  • Passive audio mixer with volume control

For an example of how you could use the ID-O-Matic IV in a repeater setup, there is a nice write-up here:

The heart of the ID-O-Matic IV's functionality is the firmware program that controls the processor. The controller can be upgraded with new firmware in minutes, without the need to return it for programming or swap chips. 

The ID-O-Matic IV 4 is completely professionally built and tested.  
It comes in a small case with the interconnect cable ready to attach to a BCR Repeater.

Do you want a custom voice ID?  Call and ask for pricing for a prerecorded voice for you ID-O-Matic IV.

BridgeCom Systems ID-O-Matic Instructions