Handheld Starter Pack II

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"True plug and play! Plugged it in, turned it on and it worked. First QSO in 2 minutes success and it looks good too. Fast service. Company easy to deal with kept me updated at all times via email and phone. Great experience."   -Christopher Q., Plug and Play Package Customer

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    Customer Reviews

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    Hans Wiederrich

    Out of the box awesomeness. Great support and tons of helpful resources make this the best purchase I’ve ever made in my ham radio journey.

    John Johnson
    New Sky Bridge and 878UV2 Plug and play package

    Very pleased with this plug and play setup. Up and on the air 1.5hrs after arrival.
    I am completely new to DMR. The learning curve is very steep but with the help of BridgeCom I am working through this 73's

    James Pope
    878UVii Plus Plug and Play Package

    Outstanding radio and hotspot. Will do everything that Bridgecom said it would. Good build quality, good audio and a lot of great accessories.

    Due to an ATV accident I was in, I have several broken bones and have been convalescing at home and was not able to work for my shack. I told them and ask them nicely if they would expedite the shipment to me. They did exactly that and got it to me extremely fast, actually faster than I asked. Outstanding service from there.

    The only reason I didn’t give them five stars or the package five stars, is the fact that they really advertise they are going to support the radio, and the owner even advertises he wants to see us succeed. I have had multiple issues where they leave things out in videos, which make it difficult to get certain things to work. Getting to talk to a tech is almost an impossibility. Generally you get a hold of them and they start a ticket and it’s an email thing back-and-forth. Some of the guys in an email or not fully informed of certain features, for instance what type of Bluetooth speaker mic combination will work with the 878. Cody had done a video where he was using some type of, I believe a Phillips external Bluetooth speaker mic, and it worked pretty well. I wanted to do the same thing and I’ve yet to find the specs, or the help to set one up. My last response from a tech was they really don’t get that information. So, while they are a great company, would probably back the product if it was defective or you had a failure, they are falling a little short of the high standard they set and say they will maintain support wise, and like I said even the owner says he wants to see everybody succeed, it’s a little hard when you can’t talk to a tech personally and you’re dealing with a very technical issue.

    I would like to see them do better videos, complete without missing anything to include what would cause it not to do what they show it doing. Make it easier to actually talk to A technician, and I would give them five stars in a hot minute.

    Lee Rundall
    Handheld Starter Pack II Review

    This was a super buy with the hotspot and provided programming for the radio and hotspot. The provided training on Bridgecom university is also very helpful in changing and modifying the codeplug provided. The accessories are very useful and needed. I will be expanding more into the hobby in the future and will be purchasing more radios in the future. I am very, very happy with the purchase! Thanks again, Bridgecom Systems!

    Ray Young

    Just purchased but so far setup easy PPT and it reaches out and makes contacts.