Duracomm LP-18BC

$ 136.50

LP-18BC - LP-18 with built in battery charger AC input Voltage 115 or 230VAC Switch Selectable

Output Current: 13.5 A (15A No Batt) -

Output Voltage: Ch1 = 13.8V Ch2 = 13.6V

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Battery Backup Charging Circuit / LVD provide protective isolation and seamless transfer to battery when AC power is lost.

Charging Output VDC: 13.6 VDC

Charging Current: 1.5 A

• Automatically provides float charge, battery maintenance when AC power is restored

• Protections: short circuit / overload / over voltage / overheat

• Compatible with all LPH radio hoods and the RM-Kit rack mount bracket

  • Filtered & Regulated— Noise and ripple are less than 100 millivolts P-P. Output voltage can be adjusted from 10 to 14 volts. Units are normally shipped 13.8 volts.The unit will maintain regulation with input voltages from 100 - 130 VAC (pre-set), 50/60 Hz with adjustable 200~260 VAC (take off internal jumper J7), and meets FCC regulations for PAR 15, Class B.
  • Forced Air Cooling— Models LP-18 have a thermostat controlled fan to control heat build-up. Side ventilation louvers allow a mobile unit to be set on top with an LPH hood for a custom desktop package.
  • Redundant Temperature Protection— LP Series power supplies will detect excessive temperature conditions and temporarily shut down until a safe operating temperature is reached.
  • Overload Protection— Foldback is limited at 120% of maximum Over Voltage Protection - 15.5 VDC, auto reset; AC power off for 15 seconds