D-STAR BridgeCom Repeater Kit

$ 295.00 $ 330.00

Turn your BridgeCom BCR Repeater into a dual mode analog and D-STAR repeater. How does it work? Hook up the custom cable, then program the repeater and the D-STAR module.

What's in the kit? We have packaged a single board computer with the URDC-II D-STAR module, custom case and custom cable. It is everything you need to get your BCR Repeater on the air in D-STAR!

Kit Includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Custom Cable from BCR Repeater to UDRC-II
  • MicroSD Card with OS and Application
  • Raspberry Pi 3 & URDC-II Case

You will need to provide a cat 5e cable to connect the Pi 3 to your IP. You will also need to program your settings into the software to work with D-STAR. Instructions are available here, NW Digital URDC to BCR Repeater for D-STARFor document updates click here

Pictures may differ from actual product. Some assembly required